Can I cancel my subscription anytime ?

Yes! There’s no penalty to cancel your subscription. Simply email info@boxofbusinessblogs.com to unsubscribe.

Who writes the blogs ?

Blogs are written by small business experts who are also experienced small business owners, so they understand the market you want to engage. Our content developers create blogs for large brands including banks, courier companies, credit card companies, software firms and telecoms.

Do I own the blog content ?

You can do whatever you like with the blog: change the headline, modify the body text, add yourself as the author, add your business logo, insert links to take readers to your website and products or services. Simply cut and paste the article into whatever blog platform or social media channel you prefer. As an unlimited use licensee, the only thing you may not do is re-sell the content.

Is it original content ?

It is shared content. We can offer Box of Business Blogs™ for such an affordable price by sharing blogs with other subscribers. If you want to order original custom content for a higher price, please contact us.

I am worried a competitor will use the same blog article

With hundreds of quality blog articles in our library there’s very little chance a direct competitor in your local market will receive the same blog article and post it on the exact same day. If that happens, let us know and we will send you a replacement article for free. Or, modify your blog article with a different headline and opening paragraph to make it your own.

Are images included ?

No. The fee pays for blog content only. You can find free images at hundreds of online image sites including www.flickr.com, www.dreamstime.com and www.pexels.com. Search online for your preferred image supplier, or use your own photographs in your blogs.

How can I use my blog articles ?

You can use your articles a number of ways.

The key is to get your blog articles out to possible small business customers. To do that, post articles to your blog publishing platform (such as WordPress) every month, week, or even twice a week. Upload your articles to your newsletter feed, which is emailed to your website subscribers. Once you publish an article, share it on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (On LinkedIn, you can publish your articles using LinkedIn’s long-form posts so your connections see your pieces.)

You can publish your blog articles as is, or customize them to your business. You can insert your company logo, add links to your website, insert images, include information or links about your products or services – do whatever you want with your blog to make it your own. You can even position yourself as the author by adding your name in the byline!

When can I reach customer service?

Our customer help desk is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST from Monday to Friday. Closed on U.S. and Canada holidays. Please email inquiries to info@boxofbusinessblogs.com anytime for a response within 24 hours.

Can I replace a blog?

Yes. You can replace a blog article anytime at no charge. Simply emailinfo@boxofbusinessblogs.com with the file number of the blog article you wish to replace.

When do I receive my blog articles?

Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a same-day email with your order of blog articles. As a Monthly Subscriber, you will receive a same-day email with your first blog article and receive subsequent blog articles every 7 days.

What topics do blog articles cover?

Articles are written to appeal to small business owners interested in Marketing, Money, Motivation and Management topics. You will receive a mixture of article titles within those four topic categories.

Got another question? Email info@boxofbusinessblogs.com